It is always what is under pressure in us, especially under pressure of concealment, that explodes in poetry     – Adrienne Rich

These poems are my psalms, my blues, my word made flesh. I did not set out to write them.  One by one they pushed their way up through the concrete of my life.  You will find them gathered here into two collections: 

Birth rite

This collection gives voice to my experiences of opening at mid-life. The poems have emerged from a period of constant inner pressure and psychological disturbance which has felt much like labour pains. They mark a tidal turning in which much of who I have been seems to be giving way to a deeper, wilder voice – a voice both tender and fierce.   

My creature heart

This collection captures searing moments in nature when experience is unmediated, vivid and wild. These poems are a cry from the heart for us to open to the intimate relationship we share with the natural world, to embrace all that is living. They also voice the grief which surrounds our present estrangement from the earth, its creatures, cycles and rhythms and from our essential human nature.

I sound my poems into being, often whilst walking in nature. So they belong in your ears. I hope they speak to you.