No apology

No apology




I make no apology for my intensity

for the desolate dark

and luminous light of me

I’ve reached the end of the line with all this chilling

my soul’s gone cold with playing it cool and passion killing

I’ve tried living life in the middle

tried sitting really still

been doing my yoga and pilates

been taking my chill pill

But on the other side of silence the roar just keeps getting louder

the river floods its banks with daily waves of wonder

and all around the land cries out for the fruit of distant thunder

I make no apology for my sensitivity

for the one less layer of skin

for the vulnerability in me

I’m done with having to shut my door

to keep you all from feeling more

For fuck’s sake risk a little darkness

 risk staying with the pain

risk finding out that through our loss

 we can our hearts regain