They break in every night

through the cracks in my soul

these vandals thieves and robbers

these vermin hoods and trolls

They place my cradle way up high

balanced on a narrow ledge

so as I stir and stretch awake

I feel it tip towards the edge

I can tell they’ve broken in

cos I’m unthreaded and undone

the cloth I wove by day

now just a knot of threads unspun

Untethered and unmoored

I’ve drifted far far out to sea

the solid ground of yesterday

now just a memory

They’ve been in and moved the furniture

so nothing’s in its place

an upturned chair wedged in my chest

a cushion on my face

Their footprints pressed into my flesh

a bluebell wood of bruises

this violet violation

a trampled trail of curses

As the day begins to dawn

I sense them scuttle out the door

  The weight of my existence

drops a lift shaft through my core