Behind closed doors

Behind closed doors

You wanna know what I do

behind closed doors

I’m a code breaker

shortening wars

A linguist and translator

of all that’s spoken and unspoken

A midwife at your birthing

helping you to open

You wanna know what I do

when I’m out of your sight

I’m escaping the screens

with their artificial light

I’m a nocturnal creature

awake when you’re asleep

Standing in the dark

in stars knee deep

You wanna know what I do

when you’re busy chilling out

I’m a matriarch elephant

who remembers where there’s water

who will guide you through the desert

and away from all this slaughter

Or I’m Jacque Cousteau in his submarine

seeking out new life in the depth of your being

You wanna know what I do

when you’re lost in your creation

I’m a soul sculptor

in search of revelation

An instrument of being

 singing songs of liberation

Oh and by the way (and in case you didn’t know it)

I’m also – a radical poet