In between

In between



All that lies in between 



I’m all leaden darkness and searing light

A soul-stained glass effigy

stretched drum-tight

at the extremity

of my becoming

my birth rite

This dark interior thick with earth

A heart-bruised hollow

where I stone-blind am meant to follow

the downward path

through death

to birth

Here in the deep well of this blindsight

a tincture of colour burning and bright

falls like sonorant rain against these walls

 walls of my refusal

walls of stage fright

Sharp points of pure pigment commanding and fierce

and I like a newborn no match for their ardour

just try to stay standing

pray harder and harder

for strength and for faith

to confront all these fears

So tender to me

all that lies in between

show me tones tints and hues

of reds greens and blues

Gentle my soul

with shades and with greys

with almond and amber, lilac and teal

Mix these pure pigments with oils and with clays

to soften and sooth

the birth pains of these days