For the heavens to open

For the heavens to open


A few strangled drops spit and then stall

They stammer and stutter straining to fall

Confounding the forecast with its raindrop emoji

Denying April’s promise

Her showers of green

What unspeakable sorrow lies choked in our heavens

What truth (inconvenient) daren’t raise the alarm

What measure of grief incubates in our hearts

Nursing its bruises

Withholding its balm

In my garden the earth lies parched and pale

Within it worms struggle to surface

Unable to move through compacted clods

They ache for the skies to soften and break

Releasing their blessing and soaking the soil

In the bushes the blackbirds are busy with young

 They sense what we dare not admit

That this season of plenty is struggling to bloom

For the worms cannot move

And are trapped in their tomb

So we wait and we wait for the heavens to open

For our hearts to soften and break

That the truth we have lost

Can resurface

And our joy be released from its tomb

A few strangled drops spit and then fall

As my heart starts to open

And its truth bursts the wall

With the grief comes the blessing

 And a soaking for my soul