Hymn to Psyche



I’m leaving you

don’t try to make me stay

 it’s hard enough

to step out onto the street

where nobody knows me

But then

you didn’t really

take time to know me

hell bent on healing me

fixing  filling  feeding me

until I gagged

You’re still small

You’re still weak

You’re still young

Fuck that

I’m not small

(I have a thousand galaxies alive in me)

I’m not weak

(I can move mountains)

I’m not young

(I am laden with fruit)

Truth is

I stand in your blind spot

the shadow of your light

This is the place where Psyche lives

(Psyche Female Right)

This is the place

where broken is sacred

(that’s how the light gets in)

where doubt is not weakness

but thread to all truth

This is the place

where opposites dance

(dance and fuck and fight)

where the word is creative

where the gap is the thing

This is the place of all blessing

Don’t walk on by

make the choice to see

take the time

to know


Beneath my grief a measureless sea

Beyond my fear the birth of stars

Within my rage an original fire


stand with me

and together we’ll see

the dark and the light

the blindness and the sight

and we

will bow

to both