a woman


to penetrate the world

to sow my seed

to reach beyond

 the limits of my skin

through shaft and spear and root

Let me hold you in my sight

feel the moment you open

to receive these words

soul seeds which swim

from heart

through pen

to page

And let these seeds

not lie spent

in some tissue of false modesty

but rather break through the clay clods

of this weary world

dive beneath  the sleeping surface

to reach the depths

of your many-petaled soul

For I love you so very much

 yet you feel so far away

you the world

the distant shore

I the unlived life

ovum sleeping as I do

on this bridgeless island

caressed by waves of oceanic love

captured by the siren call of the womb

stay home, stay still, stay quiet

stay here

This love filled state

casts spells on us all

slipping silently into the spaces

vacated in our flight

from the casual carnage

of the untethered tool

with its shafting


and sightless destruction


a woman


 to give in to love

if love be this island state

Make me the tool

and let this tool be for making

for planting pleasure and procreating

and let this shaft be the bridge

 from my atoll soul to yours

casting out its song

to green the deserts

of the world