Hard to fathom the loss you stir in me

lying so still on my cold garden path

 burnished softness around your throat

dappled with dark arrows all pointing

to the irreversible silence of this moment

Song made flesh

your manifest beauty unravels me

wings wrapped tight as a shroud

around the tenderness of your heart

life enfolded back into bud

It shocks me to find that my hand

fits you like a glove

cupped as though round a newborn’s head

skin to feather – feather to skin

an overcoat to wrap you in

You belong in my ears

mystery of song woven into woods

seeking out lost souls

like smoke curling around thin air

from a distant fire

What bolt of thunder dropped you from the sky

into my hands this way

like a comet bearing seed from a distant world

my silence is shattered by your coming

I feel your song take root in me