The tide

The tide



I wake to find

the water has withdrawn

gathered back into her ocean

exposing the bed of my being

the creek in which I live

My story enfolded

in the ridges of sand and rock

in pools of pebble and reed

in hollows carved

by the movement of tides

the slow in out breath

of the moon


swam into my life

in a rush of waters breaking

one and then another

and for a time your lives

filled every hollow

masked the marks

already etched by life

into the skin of me

And now you are growing

I feel you gather yourselves in

pull back from the comfort of

my tidal inlet

your oceans calling

This tidal ebb reveals

in the mud flats of my soul

creature footprints

beak tips

wing marks

a hieroglyph of memory

marking countless journeys of




imprints of




The space you leave in me

still wet from inundation

now covered in tracks

an engraving of your lives

on me

My estuary heart lies emptied

the moon holds her breath

I wait

until the turning of the tide

a waxing of waters

trickle tickle

feel their way with tender touch

into the space

you leave behind