Two wings

Two wings


A symmetry of muscle

you and I

  two wings outstretched to fly

between us more than air

a body which we shared

Yet something now lies broken

I flap and strain and cry

The glory of my feathers unable to defy

the earthbound weight of sadness

which binds me

 to that Fall

This single flightless limb

marooned beyond recall

a hellish limbo of becoming

of one hand clapping

one-sided half of someone

straining to be born

Then at the furthest reaches of me

where the light barely filters through

in the negative shape of my being

I start searching for you

And at first all I hear is the silence

a void trembling without edges or frame

until somewhere beyond all my knowing

a pulse beats out my name

It beats then it stops

then it beats once again

this fire-forged hope

flickering into flame


 be bolder

step into the light

no more endless waiting long into the night

look up and you’ll find others looking for you

for this is the time for the shattered to shine

for the broken to sing

and the light to break through